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August 14, 2011
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SEPHIROTH WIP or I'll Die by Washu-M SEPHIROTH WIP or I'll Die by Washu-M
Sketching Sephiroth since a friend of mine kind of challenged me to do a smexy poster of him... :|

It started on twitter when she sent me a Private Message like this:

Translated talk:

Friend: “Washu, sorry to bother you but the last drawing of Sephiroth you posted it’s good and stuff yet it doesn’t look like him at all.”

Washu: “You know… I had the feeling you wouldn’t like him that way… Since you’re one of my fierce yet beloved critics! Next one I promise will be better… Just don’t know when I’ll do that though… =/”

Friend: “Get your lazy ass back here and listen to me, NOW!! >_< You’re one of my favorite fanartist!!! You’re forgetting our favorite Soldier’s face!!! THAT’S UNECCEPTABLE!!! DDDX”

Washu: “Woa… that was a quick reply… Are you stalking me??? D=”

Friend: “Yeah! I am… U_U BTW How are you?”

Washu: “I’m scared… It’s like you’re going to buy a ticket and come down to my city to beat the hell out of me… =___=’”

Friend: “That’s for Sephiroth’s sake… It’s worth it… *Packs up a huge camping bag*”

Washu: “NOES!!! Stay where the hell you are!!! I’ll do it again!!! I swear!!!”

Friend: “Ok… I’ll be waiting here…”

Washu: “You mean you want me to do it now?”

Friend: “*Starts packing again*”

Washu: OK!!! *Opens Painter IX*

And after a while with many failed sketches I got to one I finally liked. :D
But anyway I had to use one of my fanarts as reference to see the shapes of his nose, mouth, eyes… etc… it was tiresome. But in the end I think it paid off…

Washu: *Shows her friend* How’s that??o0

Friend: *Packs Up*

Washu: Not good enough… *Cries*

Friend: No! That’s a LOT better! Anyway I’m going to your house to rape you so happy I am now! U_U

Washu: NOOOOOOOOOO!!! *Desperate*

Anyway… guess she liked his face now! :D
But now that B*tch wants it finished and colored… :|
Pray to heaven I will survive her demands! :noes:

Thanks for helping on my improvement Miss D! I love you! :iconiloveyouplz:

Hope people also like the way it’s coming out. :)
I’ll try to finish his body and color it just like that damn fanservice poster D suggested! :XD:


*Washu-M [If I don’t she’ll bring the CAT with her… :iconscaredplz:]
PS: If you’d like to know WHO is the Cat see Cat O’ Nine Tails on WIKIPEDIA
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Nightbolt-2 Feb 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Looking Good
Noccadelle Aug 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o_o awesome
Nishiikiori Aug 22, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Moonshield4 Aug 20, 2011  Student Digital Artist
That hatching looks like it would take a long time :iconohwtfplz:
fanfic11 Aug 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't know if you noticed, but you drew his bangs a little too short.
Washu-M Aug 21, 2011   General Artist
Ack! Thanks for reminding me... I was trying to do a Sephiroth from Crisis Core where his bangs are shorter but then I decided to do the movie version anyway... the bangs are indeed longer :)
fanfic11 Sep 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, well then i'm at fault to because I've only seen the movie version, so I didn't know you way was also correct :)
vaniuka Aug 19, 2011  Student
omg! :D
This one looks better indeed. That is more like Sephy. The other one really made me wonder "wth :omfg: what happened, she did so much better in the past, this doesn't even look like Sephy too much". But I just thought that all artists have their ups and downs after all. :shrug:
HappyLittleDeadGirl Aug 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
That looks epic! :dummy:
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